Vertical Farming

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Vertical farming rethought: The start-up Unfold focuses on the development of new seed varieties

The new start-up Unfold of Leaps by Bayer, the impact investment unit of Bayer AG and Temasek, a global investment firm based in Singapore, focuses on vertical farming. However, the focus is not on infrastructure development, but on the genetic potential of vertical farms. The start-up is the only company of its kind and develops new seed varieties from the genes of vegetable plants. These are then combined with cultivation recommendations for the special conditions in multi-storey greenhouses. The aim is to set new standards in quality, efficiency and sustainability in vertical farming.



Cucumbers in Space

How do people eat on permanent missions in space? Astronauts need food for months spent in the International Space Station ISS or on future long-term journeys to the Moon and Mars? The German Aerospace Center (DLR) has an answer to this question.



Interview with Klaus Josef Lutz, CEO of BayWa

BayWa is sponsor of this year's Global Food Summit. The corporate headquarters in Munich will host our previous event on 19 March. In addition, CEO Klaus Josef Lutz will present the start-up session.  
We took the opportunity to ask a few questions.