Media coverage of the Summit - this year's media resonance

This year, we are pleased to have again received numerous media reports in which the Global Food Summit and the topics of the conference were picked up. In addition, on one day we were visited by a camera team from Bayerischer Rundfunk, which interviewed two speakers, Mr. Bernhardt Kowatsch and Dr. Pasi Vainikka, as well as our Head and Founder Stephan Becker-Sonnenschein, among others.
In total, these media reports reached 10.9 million people, and our social media channels reached an additional 315,000. 

Here you can find a selection of the media reports:

- The article in the Abendschau of the Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR),  
- The major article in the Welt  
- The longer article on the bioeconomy website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research  
- And on Telepolis/Heise-Online
- And in the largest Swiss agricultural newspaper, the Schweizer Bauer (reach ca 51.000): 
- And also in f3, farm. food. future:

Here you can find the overview of the media resonance.