The First Day of the Global Food Summit live from Munich

The Global Food Summit 2021 "Foodtropolis.Urban.Circular Food" was a great success. More than 780 guests from over 15 countries were registered, actively accompanying us and our 42 speakers over two days.

And now we switch to .... Osnabrück!

The two highlights of the first day, April 28, 2021, were the kick-off with our start-up session, moderated and designed by our partner, the networking platform innovate! from Osnabrück. Felix Willert and Johanna Kallenbach from the Nutrition Cluster moderated the session and had absolutely exciting startups on board, such as: Bugfoundation, Amidori Legendairy, Betterfish and many others.

Start-ups are after all not only founders, but above all visionaries. Our start-up guests all work with sustainable resources, such as insects or seaweed, which are climate-friendly, energy- and cost-efficient. But for all the sustainability - one thing was clear to all involved: the alternatives must be easily accessible, and above all, tasty!

Bangladesh broadcasts despite Corona

The winners of the nationwide university competition from Bangladesh had a special position within the start-up session. Badly affected by Corona, out of university for months, scattered all over the country, at home often in the most difficult conditions, without network and WLAN, the three winners, Fabila, Rahagir und Ashit, managed to present us their award-winning research in self-made cell phone videos. And it was just great and inspiring.

Grand Opening between Munich and Berkeley

In the afternoon, Michaela Kaniber, Bavarian Minister of State for Food, Agriculture and Forestry officially opened the Global Food Summit 21 at the "Grand Opening". In her digital greeting message, she explained the goals of the Bavarian government and emphasized how important technologies and innovations are for progress. At the same time, she conveyed the greetings of the Bavarian Prime Minister Dr. Markus Söder and emphasized, in the context of the Global Food Summit, thought-provoking impulses and solution approaches for the development of our future emerge.

The two keynote speeches at the Gand Opening were given by Professor Johann-Dietrich Wörner from the German Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech) in Munich, and Professor David Zilbermann from the University of California, Berkeley.