Interview with Michael Schinharl, operations manager of the restaurant brenner in Munich

In your opinion, which innovation in the food sector will have the most significant impact on gastronomy in the future? 

If the trend remains as it is, the future will be built on sustainable, healthy and regional food. Unbiased, honest, the product is the star. People, therefore, pay much more attention to the higher quality of food. The food industry is one of the largest sectors, so innovations are essential for the survival of companies.

What advantages do you see in urban agriculture, e.g., rooftop gardens, vertical farms or urban aquacultures such as Crusta Nova? Would you use products made in this way for your guests? 

The so-called city green improves not only the air quality but also the city climate and thus makes an essential contribution to environmental and climate protection. At the same time, urban greenery fulfills vital social functions. Open spaces and green spaces are elementary for social cohesion. People from all population groups and strata meet there. Urban green areas offer famous social places for encounters and social participation. I, therefore, think this is wonderful, and if the quality is right, I will use these products immediately. The problem is the masses because all this must be offered at a fair and affordable price. 

What trends are your guests currently following when you order from brenner?

The quality and origin of the products is crucial to our guests. We increasingly notice in all our businesses that our guests pay great attention to the origin and especially to the quality! In the distillery, we have always offered fresh products and our pasta and bread are made in-house. High-quality meat with history - often organic, fresh fish, seafood. Healthy and seasonal superfood salads that is our motto, because we want to stand for good and fresh quality and not for convenience food.