Commentary: The acceptance of alternative proteins, by Dr. André Vielstädte, Head of Corporate Communications at Tönnies

Six spotlights on meat as a protein supplier

1st Spotlight: The Tönnies Group and our subsidiaries stand for healthy, enjoyable and protein-containing food and its responsible production. Tönnies always focuses on the responsibility for people, animals and the environment.

2nd Spotlight: We are closely following the trend towards alternative proteins. We can see that the market is growing and are actively positioning ourselves in this market: With our subsidiary "Zur Mühlen", for example, we produce various meat alternatives at our production site in Böklund.

3rd Spotlight: As a source of protein, animal products such as meat products for a healthy and nutritious diet are and will remain a central component of our society.

4th spotlight: The corona pandemic has consequences for nutrition in several ways:

- Self-sufficiency in food has become more important. In the course of cocooning, many people have more time to cook and try out new things. The wide range of meat products and their numerous ways of preparation, as well as the great variety of tastes, enable people to regularly try out new and exciting recipes that contribute to a balanced and varied diet.

- We know from current market research that many people are more interested in regionally and organically produced meat products, partly because they have become more skeptical about global supply chains. Today it is more important than ever for consumers to buy their meat from well-known, certified and audited producers. Tönnies offers products for different qualities (conventional, organic, regional) and farming systems and is the market leader for organic meat in Germany.
- The price sensitivity of many people is increasing due to the uncertain situation or because of short-time work, insolvencies, etc. For many consumers meat products are an affordable luxury in everyday life. Depending on their purchase, they decide whether they primarily cover their basic needs or treat themselves to something special. In these volatile times, a piece of quality meat is also a culinary highlight that stands for pleasure and luxury.

5th Spotlight: Before and after Corona, meat is a central source of protein and a building block of a healthy, balanced and wholesome diet. Man is an "omnivore" by nature. This means that over the centuries his body has become accustomed to eating animal food and he needs it depending on his everyday life, lifestyle and cognitive or physical performance. Meat provides high-quality protein, a lot of iron, vitamins and minerals that vegetable substitutes cannot provide in this way.

6th Spotlight: Meat and other animal foods are characterized by a high protein content and a high biological value of these proteins. Meat is an important source of nutrients, which supplies the body with essential proteins, vitamins and minerals. In addition, the human body can utilize animal proteins particularly well, whereas plant proteins can only be absorbed to a limited extent.