Commentary: The SAMs Report “Towards a Sustainable Food System” bites the hand that feeds us!

One of the great challenges at the moment is the governance of our food systems. The European Commission launched the "Farm to Fork Strategy“ which is at the heart of the European Green Deal. The SAMs Report “Towards a Sustainable Food System” played an important role for that strategy.

Justus H.H. Wesseler,  Professor and Chair Agricultural Economics and Rural Policy Group, Wageningen University, The Netherlands and his colleague Professor Kai P. Purnhagen, Professor and Chair for Food Law, University of Bayreuth, and Co-Director of the Institute for Food law, wrote a critical comment on the SAMs Report “Towards a Sustainable Food System” in the European Law Blog.

They claim its proposed impact on the food system and its potential for implementation is running short and that the recommendations undermine the freedom of EU citizens, which includes the individual freedom to choose the food they like and the meaning they attach. With their propositions, the autors of the SAMs Report risk the imposition of a single food standard on EU citizens, while neutralising a major characteristic of Europe: its rich cultural diversity of food.

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