Sea fish without sea - Aquaponics

Do you need the sea or the ocean to breed fish? Thanks to Aquaponics this is no longer the case. This technology combines conventional aquaculture with hydroponics, making it possible to produce fish and leafy vegetables practically anywhere. The world's largest plant of this kind is located in the Coulee region, more precisely in Hixton, Wisconsin, USA. 

It is owned by the company Superior Fresh and uses the nutrient-rich wastewater from its aquariums full of Atlantic salmon to fertilize organic crops such as Romana and rocket. 

The plants absorb the nutrients from the water and the water thus purified can then be returned to the fish house. This creates a closed circulation system. In addition, the plant saves many thousands of kilometers of transport routes, because the fish is sold in the regional environment. The Atlantic salmon, the Americans' favorite, usually comes traditionally from Chile or Norway.

Superior Fresh is on the road to success: The company wants to expand in the next few years: The plant is to grow from 2.4 to 5.7 hectares. In the future scarcely 545,000 kilograms fish are to be able to be produced in the year. Up-to-date there are approx. 90,700 kilograms per year.

Here you find further information about Superior Fresh: