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Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts - A Roadmap to a Global Circular Sustainable Food Economy

Closed economic cycles should be intensified in the future in order to achieve the sustainability targets of 2030. The ideas of a closed system are particularly helpful in the area of food production and distribution, as a high level of by-product flows is generated here, which could be used in a circular manner.

We invite you to submit abstracts on "Circular Food" and "AI in food production". Allow leading scientists, for example from the University of California, Berkeley and Wageningen, but also companies, politics and the media to partake in your research projects. The selected posters will be displayed during the whole conference at a central location and, in addition to the abstracts, published on our website.

We received many exciting abstracts for the Global Food Summit 2019, which you can read here.

Guidelines for the abstract and poster submission

- Please submit your abstract and poster exclusively online
- The abstract and poster shall be written in English or German language
- The text of the abstract should not exceed 2500 characters (without spaces) and be phrased ready to be published

The submission period starts on September 9, 2019 and ends on January 31, 2020. 


Please adjust your submissions to the following structure:

1. Superordinate meaning of the topic
2. Scientific issue of your work
3. Most important theses
4. Presentation of the method
5. Findings / results

The authors ensure that no rights of any third parties are hurt in all illustrations and on all charts. The authors also take responsibility for the accuracy of the presented data.

Selection Procedure

After the expiry of the closing date the submitted proposals will be judged by the curators of the Global Food Summit, Prof. Justus Wesseler (Wageningen University & Research), Dr. Simon Reitmeier (Bavarian Food Cluster at the Competence Centre of Nutrition) and Stephan Becker-Sonnenschein (Global Food Summit), according to the following criteria:

- Relevance of the topic
- Methodical approach
- Originality of the contribution
- Comprehensibility of the presentation 
- Formal aspects

The authors who submitted abstracts and posters will be notified via email in the beginning of February 2020, whether their contribution has been accepted.

Submitting an abstract is not a substitute for registering as a congress participant. Abstract submitters are entitled to the reduced ticket price "Science and supporting associations". The presenting author must register separately via the online registration.

All accepted abstracts will be published online prior to the conference on the homepage of the Global Food Summit. Simultaneously the corresponding posters will be shown for two days during the conference in Munich on March 25 and 26, 2020.

On the conference a poster round tour will take place with the participants and invited journalists, during which the authors may introduce their posters and discuss these with the participants.

For lead authors there is an obligation to attend.

The authors declare their consent for the subsequent publication of the abstracts and posters in an anthology of the congress or other publications.

During the congress photos, film recordings and other technical footage are allowed to be made, also from the posters.

Formats of the submission / posters

The proposal of a poster should not exceed DIN A0 format, smaller formats are accepted with pleasure. The final poster should then be manufactured in DIN A0 format upright.

The poster must be printed on paper of low flammability B1 (DIN 4102) - (fire protection rules of the Residenz Munich).

Hanging and taking-down of the posters

Please install your poster in the poster exhibition on March 25, 2020 in the Munich Residenz during the time between 9.00 and 01.00 pm local time. Please take your poster from the wall on March 26, 2020 in the time between 05.30 pm and 06.30 pm local time. All posters, that have not been re-moved by the poster presenter himself until 06.30 pm local time, will be removed by the congress staff.

The Global Food Summit receives the unlimited rights of use for the publication of images, writing and sound.

Here is a review of the Global Food Summit 2019:

Bisher eingereichte Abstracts und Posters

Climate Smart Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture: a panacea for small-holder farmers from rainfed tracks of Odisha, India

by: Anup Kumar Das, Arabinda Acharya and Keshaba Nanda Patra

Download Abstract

The peri-urban food system of Cape Town

by: Alexandra Ulrich, M.Sc. Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Stuttgart, Prof. Dr. Astrid Ley, Department for International Urban Planning
Prof. Jan Dieterle, Department for Landscape Planning and Ecology

Download Abstract

Regenerating Europes Soils - Making the Economics Work

by: Martin R. Stuchtey, Founding Partner, SYSTEMIQ and Chuck de Liedekerke CEO, Soil Capital

Download Abstract

Improved Potato Production through Farmers Capacity Building in Punjab Pakistan

by: Imran Riaz, Ijaz Ashraf und  Sohaib Usman; University of Agriculture Faisalabad Pakistan

Download Abstract

Apple Pomace Powder as an Efficient Gluten Free Flour

by: Masoumeh Azaria, Seyede Marzieh Hosseinia, Leila Mirmoghtadaie

Download Abstract

Awareness Level of Vegetable Growers Regarding Residual Effects of Pesticides on Environment in Tehsil Faisalabad Sadar, Punjab, Pakistan

by: Sohaib Usman, Imran Riaz, Aisha Rani

Download Abstract

Efficacy of lowland rice production agronomic practices by smallholder farmers in developing countries – a case from Uganda

by: Nanfumba David, Kalimuthu SenthilKumar, Piet Van Asten, Saito Kazuki, Jimmy Lamo, Wilberforce Walukano and Moses Makooma Tenywa

Download Abstract

Feeding Both Pond and Prawn

by: Ramisa Nowshin

Download Abstract

Production of Organic Products and Bio-electricity from Food Waste in a Circular Food Economy

by: Fabliha Bashashat Rodosy

Download Abstract

NeuraFarming – Deep Neural Network Algorithm for Predictive Agriculture

by: Rahagir Salekeen

Download Abstract

Assessment of Broiler Farmers’ Willingness-To-Pay for Black Soldier Fly Larvae Meal as Alternative Protein Source for Poultry Production in Ghana

by: Affedzie-Obresi, S., Mensah-Bonsu, A., Sarpong, D. B., Amegashie, D. P. K., Kwadzo, G. T-M., Adu-Aboagye, G., Nkegbe, E. K., and Clottey V. A. 

Download Abstract

Evaluation of Different Recycling Fertilizers Regarding N Fertilizer Value and Ammonia (NH3) Emissions in Maize in Climate Chamber

by: Oscar Rodrigo Monzon Diaz, Franziska Häfner, Ariane Krause. 

Download Abstract

Solutions for creating rural prosperity: How legwork supports the delivery of technology solutions to the agricultural last mile

by: Worlali Senyo, Leila Serwaah Khalid and Alloysius Attah 

Download Abstract

Recycling of Agricultural Residue to Fabricate High Strength Environmentally Friendly Composite material

by: Summia Rahman, M.i Shams 

Download Abstract

Application of AI in Extensive Shrimp Farming Clusters

by: Moin Uddin Ahmed, Faisal Ahmed, Khandkar Siddkur Rahman, ASM Shihavuddin

Download Abstract